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Unlocking potential

Personal development software

Are the skills and competency of your teams and individuals critical to your business?

A single place for mentors to support individuals and teams to identify their goals, actions needed to achieve and demonstrate success.

Would you benefit from upskilling your team?

Personal development software from KIM has been co-developed with UK police and Fire & Rescue services to facilitate employee development and support individuals to achieve. Our software is designed with the individual at its heart and flexibility in configuration to suite many diverse settings and client types.

Would deployment flexibility future proof your investment?

Suitable for on-premise deployment, delivered as a hosted service or Software as a Service (SaaS) to meet your organisations strategic direction. ARM is accessed via a browser therefore requiring no client software to be deployed.
Offering single sign on capability within your organisations structure or user authentication upon access the security stance of your organisation is also maintained.

Would sharing of good practice be useful to you?

Process automation and workflow underpin the effectiveness that the KIM personal development range of software can leverage for your organisation. Good practice taken from our first deployment in 1999 through to today is offered through our implementation consultants whom are subject matter experts.

A suite of reports out of the box offers the operational reporting needed to demonstrate that the right actions are being taken at the right time or initiate corrective actions where necessary to ensure individuals achieve.

The major functions of KIM personal development software are

  • Personal profiles
  • Cascading goals, objectives and targets
  • Evidence portfolios
  • Mentor and mentee direct messaging
  • Action plans for the individual or per role


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