Leadership and Career Development

Innovative software that enables the reduction of attrition and the retention of
existing knowledge and experience within an organisation

With the collaboration of UK Police forces and Fire and Rescue Services our software has been developed and used within the Emergency Services for almost 20 years. The platform provides the digital tools to identify, develop, engage, retain and deploy those key individuals within the organisation.

A single place for mentors to support individuals and teams, with a digital toolkit that drives engagement and motivates leaders and staff.  Designed with the individual at its heart and flexibility in configuration to suit many diverse settings and client types.

Our UK Azure cloud hosted software, which is Government/NHS compliant and data encrypted, is available through any supported browser, smartphones and tablet devices, providing a 24/7 resource for staff.  No other ICT infrastructure is required.

Implementing leadership development and coaching strategies is an essential step to achieving retention targets and utilising existing knowledge and experience.

Increased employee retention and engagement levels are two key factors that organisations need to strive towards.  Gaining employee engagement is a tried and tested tool to help build a committed and engaged workforce. The retention of experienced, valued individuals allows for the transition of these key staff members to leadership roles and this knowledge to be cascaded down.

The platform’s digital toolkit brings together the individual, their mentors, tutors and managers in a safe space to plan and collaborate. Staff who are actively engaged in planning and monitoring their personal development, the implementation of leadership development and coaching strategies will be great advocates for your organisation and exceed their own expectations.

System Features


Open APIs ensure that our software can be interfaced with existing legacy systems.

KIM Software have a long history and significant experience in complex and intensive data migration projects so are able to offer services to import existing data from legacy systems into their applications while following pre-determined rules for migration and data clean-up.

Software Solutions

KIM Software’s work extends beyond the supply of Leadership and Career Development software to include the ongoing review of legislation and best practice to ensure that we deliver systems that remain current whilst delivering real benefit to users. This includes working together with professional associations to help shape our software going forward.


We are always excited to work with new partners and clients embracing technology to support the growth and development of services

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