Victim Support Management

Impactful software to aid with providing support to victims of crime.

Our software has been thoughtfully developed to help organisations take an impactful approach to managing a victim’s care case by delivering various tools that allow the victim to manage the impact the crime has had.

KIM’s Victim Support Management system enables organisations to create a case for a victim of a crime and deliver a support strategy for the victim. The system can be used to access a library of resources around the specific needs of the victim. KIM’s Victim support management system hosts multiple communication functions confidentially and can enable invited agencies to have permitted access to a case via the journal function with two-way communication accessible. With additional features including an evidence upload function and a mandatory update field via the journal.

Twenty four seven

Our UK Azure cloud-hosted, data-encrypted software, which is Government and NHS-compliant, is available through a supported browser, smartphones and tablet devices, providing a 24/7 resource for staff. No other ICT infrastructure is required.

Developed Through Experience

KIM Software has worked closely with UK Police forces, Government agencies and large organisations for over two decades and has used this experience to build software that streamlines processes enabling cost reductions, whilst efficiently and effectively managing cases within their organisational community.

Our software has been thoughtfully developed, with the help and collaboration of organisations and National leads within the public sector, to provide the tools and resources to effectively support individuals that find themselves affected by crime. 

Some of the many benefits of the system to staff are; 

  • Available as IOS and Android, victims have immediate access to resources, policies, web resources, crisis support, and support groups.
  • Individuals can manage their own space and submit their own journal entries. The communication centre allows for video calling functions and the ability to share various media types or resources.
  • Organisations have the ability to record case updates and select work group members to share case notes with on a confidential basis.
  • Available access for individuals to connect with invited professionals that make up the support network for the individual.
  • The system is designed to be fully supportive to both the individual and those that provide support to ensure all those involved receive the most effective tools. Every element works on a confidential structure to enable full privacy.

In addition to the above features, the staff app enables remote working, in real-time, reducing the need for staff to return to a physical point for administration purposes. The system also provides automated text and email alerts for those within the organisation.

KIM has provided a unique software feature within the app that benefits both organisations and recipients. Where cases are recorded the software can facilitate any associated file uploads, including the following file types; video, CCTV, audio, photographic, documents and scanned handwritten statements. Where needed. Sensitive material can be saved and held as ‘private’ for selective users.

Software Solutions

KIM Software’s work extends beyond the supply of victim support management software to include the ongoing review of legislation and best practices to ensure that we deliver systems that remain current whilst delivering real benefits to users. This includes working together with professional associations to help shape our software going forward.


We are always excited to work with new partners and clients embracing technology to support the growth and development of services.

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