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Evidential Property Management.

Evidential Property Management

Evidential Property and Asset Management

KIM is currently supplying over 30 emergency services, Home Office and local authority customers with software/support through a range of applications covering Performance, Development and Training, Briefing and Tasking, Public Order Asset Management, Records Archive and Property Management for Seized and Lost/Found property.

Trusted by Police forces since 2002, KIM Software evidential Property Management Systems are the most widely-used, stand-alone evidence management systems in the UK. Designed and continually developed in conjunction with evidence management practitioners, the systems become an integral part of the criminal justice processes of the modern law enforcement organisation. These systems have been in use for over 17 years, supplied in both SQL and Oracle technologies. During that time, the PMS and ePMS applications have evolved and developed, assisted by evidence management personnel with ePMS now being the most functionally advanced system of its type in the UK.

Designed to manage physical and digital records together in one system to eliminate the need for repetition of data entry, the systems allow comprehensive business processes to be accommodated through configuration including detailed business structures, record classifications and rule-dependant retention rules. The systems are built around the logical rules of tamper-evident seals and records are managed in accordance with data protection principles with record weeding and retention functions including MOPI.

The KIM Software evidential Property Management System (ePMS) and associated suite of software products are currently supplied to over 20 Police forces, local authorities and Home Office departments in the UK. These include large Police forces such as the Metropolitan Police and Greater Manchester Police as well as National organisations such as UK Border Force and British Transport Police.

The Benefits:

Simple to use:

Simple yet highly functional screens allow the creation, searching upon, management and disposal of records in a highly process-based environment. Users have full visibility of records management across the whole organisation but managed by role-based access.

Communication at the heart of the process:

Many existing processes can be automated by the built-in review and communication tools of the systems, saving time and money for the organisation. Automated record review notifications via multiple channels including a dedicated desktop app provides users with a clear picture of their responsibilities.

Configurable and pre-set templates take the pain out of keeping users and customers informed.

The right tools for the job:

Barcode management and digital signature capture assist in improving transaction accuracy, reducing paperwork and securing the audit trail.
Image and file capture for the management of digital files alongside physical artefacts allows for the condition of items to be proved at the point of seizure, greatly reducing claims against the organisation.

Data Assurance:

The systems are underpinned by an auditing and transaction history functionality which is secure and detailed enough up to criminal justice standards. Communication between users is kept within this audit trail so user-driven updates can be cross referenced with system actions.

A flexible Approach:

One size does not fit all so the applications are highly configurable to accommodate differences in processes across organisations. Specific types of evidence require specific recording and handling so additional functionality surrounds high-risk evidence such as Cash, Controlled drugs, Firearms, Vehicles and Mobile phones.

KIM Software’s work extends beyond the supply of evidential management systems to include the ongoing review of legislation, best practice, policy and procedure to ensure that we deliver systems that remain current whilst delivering real benefit to users.

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