Updating Legacy Systems with
Innovative Software

KIM have proven experience in updating legacy systems to be effective, efficient, cloud hosted
and to include integration APIs and mobile apps

Our expert and accredited team are on hand to help remove complexities, enable digital transformation and meet the ever-evolving demands of your organisation.

Moving legacy systems over to software, that reflects and facilitates organisational processes, can be a complex challenge, which requires meticulous precision and technical expertise.  It is essential that your organisation continues to move forward, upgrading existing platforms to innovative, efficient and effective software as organisational processes and requirements change over time.

Why upgrade legacy systems?

Experience and reliability

It is important that you work with an experienced and reliable development partner and here at KIM Software we are able to provide a robust plan from the initial specification through to the implementation, support and training of a legacy system upgrade. With an experienced Development and Project Management Team, KIM have proven experience in collaborating and seeing upgrade projects through to successful fruition and providing the continued support there-after. 

KIM have collaborated and developed technology within the public and private sector and have worked closely with HM Government, their agencies, Police forces and Fire services World-wide for over twenty years. 

Securing important data

The majority of software upgrades require that existing data be migrated over, here at KIM we have vast and proven experience in migrating data from many differing platforms across to upgraded software. Ensuring that historic data can be visible, managed and continued to be audited.

Our software

KIM have provided software that is UK Azure cloud hosted, data encrypted – which is Government and NHS compliant, and platforms that are available through any supported browser via a computer, smartphone or tablet device – facilitating 24/7 access for staff enabling remote working. Often no other ICT infrastructure is required. Where required our platforms can of course be ‘on premise’ also.


Many organisations require an App to further aid the ease of use for practitioners of their system.  KIM can upgrade platforms to include relevant and effective Apps and build this into any upgrade project. 


Open APIs ensure that our software can be interfaced with other systems where data needs to be exchanged between different platforms – whether these are internal or external.

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