Q4 KIM Newsletter 2023

Please click on the link to visit our latest Newsletter for Q4 https://issuu.com/laurakempton1/docs/uyik90zdbhq?fr=xKAE9_zU1NQ

Essex Police adopt KIMs evidential property management platform.

Essex Police 2023 Essex Police are the 4th Force within the 7 Force Alliance to adopt KIMs evidential property management platform – ePMS. KIM successfully migrated all data from the Force’s legacy system alongside the smooth and successful implementation of the platform delivered in a configuration to suit the Force’s current processes.

KIM implement bespoke system into South Yorkshire police

South Yorkshire Police 2023 KIM successfully implemented a bespoke system to aid the Force’s Criminal Justice Department manage evidential witness and suspect audio and video recordings, from their creation, their life cycle of movements, processes, archive through to disposal. Within this implementation all data was successfully migrated into the new platform from the Force’s legacy […]

KIMs cloud hosted Record and Archive management system goes live in West Mercia

West Mercia Police 2023 After the successful migration of data from their legacy system the Force went live with the implementation of KIMs Cloud hosted Record and Archive Management platform – eArchive, easing the  management of over 90,000 crime and Force files for the Force Archivists and it’s Departments. KIM undertook significant development to twist […]

Greater Manchester Police report that significant efficiencies have been made in the management of their criminal exhibits since KIMs ePMS platform launch

Greater Manchester Police 2022 The Force wanted to see significant improvement in the management of seized property and working closely with KIM, adopted a highly configured version of KIMs evidential property platform. KIM successfully migrated all data from the Force’s legacy system.  The Force have seen significant improvements in the management of their criminal exhibits […]

West Mercia and Warwickshire adopt KIMs evidential property platform

West Mercia and Warwickshire Police 2022 Both Forces adopted the Cloud hosted KIM evidential property platform – ePMS in a configuration that suits Force processes, to manage their seized property and criminal exhibits. KIM successfully migrated all data from their legacy systems, separating Force records which were previously managed jointly. Both forces have seen significant […]

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