Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Police services have been long-time users of the KIM Software Evidential Property Management System so when they approached us to combine and upgrade their systems to accommodate their new tri-force operational way of working, KIM Software were ideally placed to assist. We have worked closely with these three clients to understand how their processes would best align and how the system could accommodate them. Combining three databases with three sets of ‘unique’ values into one offered some technical challenges however phase 1 of the combined system successfully went live to users last week. The next step will be to upgrade the system to the brand new KIM Software ePMS application.

Sarah Truss, Seized Property Supervisor, Cambridgeshire Constabulary says of working with us:

“KIM Software are really good at making the really technical seem very easy.  They are always happy to help and easy to get hold of when you have any queries. They always put the customer first and always get back to you with any queries you have very quickly. They support you and work with you, showing that they are a company with the personal touch that really cares about its customer.

The Property Management System implementation has had a massive impact in Cambridgeshire.  We have gone from taking all day to book in seized evidence on a Monday morning to taking around 90 minutes.  Time taken in compiling other management information connected to seized evidence has also dramatically reduced.  We have a barcoding module that makes moving and auditing seized evidence from store to store really easy to manage.

I would definitely recommend KIM Software to others – simply because of their ability to work with the customer and not against them.  You can ask any number of technical questions and they answer them all in a friendly, easy to understand way.  They give you confidence that the product they are supplying really is the best for the job.”

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