COVID-19 … Cloud Based Software Benefits

Maintaining continuity of business during a crisis is critical.  With a remote workforce, the disruption to business can be considerably reduced during a public health crisis.  As we have already seen when there is a perceived health threat, workers favour staying home and missing work in lieu of exposing themselves to the threat in the office or elsewhere.  This means there will likely be a significant business disruption for those organisations that are unable to implement a work from home infrastructure.

With KIM Software’s reliable, remote, cloud-based software(s), workers can easily communicate with one another regardless of location and can continue to work.  With the right set of collaboration tools the lines of communication can stay open.  Additionally, the use of cloud-based platforms can ensure that businesses keep functioning effectively during a public health crisis.

Not only can businesses keep employees safe and set itself apart from competitors but they can also minimise the impact to their bottom line.



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