Emergency Services Staff Wellbeing Management

Innovative software that enables the management of wellbeing for Blue Light Staff

Thoughtfully developed to provide the tools and resources to effectively support and manage the wellbeing of employees within the Emergency Services, whilst facilitating the best and quickest route back to resolution.

KIM’s Wellbeing Case Management software enables Emergency Service HR Departments to address and evidence support with ease and move away from old unsupported legacy or paper-based systems.

Twenty four seven

Our UK Azure cloud hosted, data encrypted software, which is Government and NHS compliant, is available through any supported browser, smartphone and tablet device, providing a 24/7 resource for staff. No other ICT infrastructure is required.

Developed through Experience


KIM have worked closely with UK Police forces, UK Fire Services and Government agencies for over twenty years and appreciate the work, sacrifice and the risk that is involved on a daily basis. Emergency Services staff are routinely exposed to distressing and traumatic incidents, as well as having a demanding workload leaving them more likely to experience mental health issues than the general workforce. Research shows that Emergency Services personnel are particularly at risk of developing mental health issues with 85% of Fire and Rescue staff, 91% of Police and 90% of ambulance staff having said they have experienced stress and poor mental health while working. Studies have also shown that Ambulance, Police, Fire and Rescue staff are 50% less likely than the general workforce to take sick leave regardless of these issues.

With around 2% of UK Police forces alone on long term sick leave, poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45bn a year, with presenteeism taking a bigger toll than absences. A report from Deloitte and mental health charity Mind estimated that presenteeism – defined by the research as staff turning up to work despite being unwell for mental health reasons – cost UK employers between £26bn and £29bn annually through lost productivity. While respondents to the report included the salaries of individuals on sick leave, few counted the cost of overtime, reduced performance and service.

The platform has been developed to facilitate the recording of support provided to staff through the use of our mobile app and case management database. Access to a common case file can be granted to all internal or external support professionals, whether those professionals are working remotely or within the workplace. Other features of the platform provide the benefits of audit and accountability, reporting, compliance and ultimately an improved delivery of support.

The Software Components

The Wellbeing Management Database – This is available to HR and invited professionals, enables the management of; employee case notes, any required actions and logs to case histories. The database allows for data to be recorded as audio and video files, in addition to conventional data entries, and also facilitates live streaming and conference calls. The system is fully audited and has the ability to maintain sensitive data and files on a restricted basis. Behind this sits the audit and also the reporting module allowing for detailed management information to be produced.

The Web Portal – This allows for cases to be reported by staff online and for system messaging to the portal, anonymously should this be required. There is also the facility for relatives to raise concerns or log updates.

The KIM’sCare Employee App – Available as IOS and Android the app allows employees immediate access to manned resources within departments, out of office hours web resources, video calls during crisis, conference calling for virtual face to face support and access to health professionals and support peers.

Accessible Resolutions

The system is designed to be fully accessible allowing not only those who receive support but also those who provide support, in a number of forms, to access elements of the system to ensure the employee receives the highest quality of support at all times. There are various role-based, hierarchal permissions for access to the system within the workplace and externally where needed.


Open APIs ensure that our software can be interfaced with legacy systems, where data needs to be exchanged with other databases.

Software Solutions

KIM Software’s work extends beyond the supply of wellbeing management software to include the ongoing review of legislation and best practice to ensure that we deliver systems that remain current whilst delivering real benefit to users. This includes working together with professional associations to help shape our software going forward.


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