Collaboratively developed software solutions
Dedicated support for clients
Experts in Cloud hosted platforms
Trusted Suppliers to HM Government for over twenty years
Trusted suppliers to UK and overseas Police forces
Providing solutions that help streamline organisations and companies
Solutions that help organisations and their staff develop and grow
Supplying innovative software to universities, colleges and healthcare organisations throughout the UK

KIM Software Solutions have collaborated with organisations within the private and public sector, including the emergency services and
HM Government, to develop and provide innovative
digital solutions for over 20 years.

Specialists in cloud hosted software enabling organisations to
facilitate remote working, securely and efficiently.

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Updating Legacy Systems

KIM have proven experience in updating legacy systems to be effective, efficient, innovative, cloud hosted and to include Apps.

Evidential Property Management

KIM Software enables organisations to manage seized property, assets and records with ease within a fully audited system

Cloud Hosted Software

KIM Software Solutions, a Microsoft accredited company, can provide cloud hosted software to facilitate the ease of remote working along with many other benefits

Incident Management

A market leading software that manages operations and critical activity reporting. To include wellbeing, safeguarding and security case management.

Facilities Management

KIM Software’s facility and asset solution will provide the functionality required to efficiently manage public spaces, buildings, floors, zones and the assets that sit within them.

Record and Archive Management

Designed to manage the full life cycle of records together in one system offering functionality that suits an organisation’s processes.

Personal Development

KIM Software will ensure that individuals are able to demonstrate achievement and collaborate with peers and mentors

Emergency Services Wellbeing Management

Innovative case management software that enables the emergency services to address and evidence support for their officers and staff.

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Care Case Management

Our innovative case management system allows care organisations to manage the care and support given to individuals by it’s staff members.

Virtual Reality Training

The AVRT - Adaptive Virtual Reality Training system provides a fully dynamic and scenario-based VR platform for Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Military and other industries. Removing approximation from decision-based training.

The team here at KIM have worked with UK Police forces and Government agencies for 20 years and we appreciate the work, sacrifice and risk that is involved in keeping the UK safe, especially in such unprecedented times. We understand the increase in operational challenges that the pandemic presents and wanted to let our clients know that we are obviously here to support all of our software
users, as always, in these difficult times.

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